Client Comment

A. F.




Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

Client Comments: “He has started to express himself better. I have noticed major improvements in his speech. His self-confidence has increased. He has started to use new and a wider range of words compared with his peers. His attention span is longer now. He is doing his mathematics faster and his understanding of what is being asked from him has improved. Thank you so much for your support and commitment. You are so sincere and good to your clients and your centre does not feel like a business at all. When coming to your Centre we felt like visiting friends. “E” was really sorry when the program ended. It was an interesting experience for both “E” and us. Our horizon has expanded and we are so happy for getting to know you. Each time other people notice the changes in our son, we are filled with gratitude and happiness.”

SAS Comments: We noticed a clear improvement in his attention span. He finds mathematical problems easier to solve than before. His perception and reading comprehension have noticeably advanced.