Client Comment

K. Y.




Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Mother: He was really good through all the sessions, very calm. Since finishing both my husband and I think he is calmer and more tolerant of certain things. Also he has actually stopped the stuttering, where it seemed his thought processing was fragmented and word retrieval was difficult.

What is really nice though is his reading teacher at school said that he is using more expression in his reading. This was a big issue before as he reads clearly and able to read quite complicated scripts, but was very stilted and very little understanding when questioned about the piece he was reading. So hopefully that will continue.

Lastly he went to the dentist recently. He goes to a special needs dentist due to his sensory issues and his persistence to ask a million questions about the process and equipment. His dentist hadn't seen him for a year and after the 50 minute treatment she looked at me and said "That was amazing, he's like a different child and so calm and tolerated the treatment in a way he wouldn't have before."

Well I thought all this adds up to a nice progression in the right direction, that will hopefully continue. Thank you so much for the programme.